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High Tech body

                        Gain market leadership through 3D-enabled collaborative design and engineering.

Attractive enclosure design, faster time to market, improved manufacturing quality and lower manufacturing costs are key benefits of deploying the HT body solution experience. It does this by streamlining collaboration between all product development stakeholders. Unexpected challenges that may undermine a development cycle can be quickly assessed and overcome. Intellectual Property is protected to ensure that it does not fall into the hands of the competition. Manufacturing process efficiency is enhanced to improve profit margin. HT body is an Industry Solution Experience that uniquely enables end-to-end acceleration of electronics product enclosure design and manufacturing. 

HT body enables collaborative, informed working relationships between customers and company. Designers, engineers and manufacturing are all connected.

Social Ideation & Creative Design

Enable customer panels, designers and engineers to jointly brainstorm and review new enclosure designs
Enable rich, interactive customer feedback directly with designers and engineers without needing to build physical prototypes or use cumbersome interactivity software. 3D virtual prototypes can be displayed on any browser, any time, anywhere in the world, enabling real-time, low-cost customer review and feedback on new enclosure design ideas. Robust understanding about the needs and tastes of today’s business and consumer customers can be gathered to improve product success. Physical elements of an electronics product - its exterior casing, controls, display and other physical attributes - can be presented and tested virtually to assure they are aligned with customer preferences, improving the potential for product success. Similarly, designers and engineers can collaborate on both aesthetic and functional requirements.

With the Social Ideation and Creative Design solution, you gain sharable 3D virtual prototyping to infuse innovation from customers, designers and engineers alike.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Improve and accelerate physical design choices and decisions
  • Improve cross-disciplinary collaboration between design studios and engineering teams
  • Improve targeting of current, leading customer preferences
  • Design in perceived product quality


Product Enclosure Design

Automate and accelerate design collaborative between designers and engineers to enable more-enclosure prototype alternatives, faster

Automate and accelerate engineer and designer collaboration with market leading 3D design and engineering capabilities. Designs are improved through optimal reuse of past work and know-how plus 3D virtualization-enabled collaboration. Users gain quick, easy and safe element placement, automated intelligent element association, improved product quality and more time to focus on critical, high-value design decisions. The design process is accelerated through optimized fine-grain concurrent change management, allowing large teams to enhance designs simultaneously. Change costs are minimized through automation of change incorporation into manufacturing ready specifications.

With the Product Enclosure Design solution, electronics manufacturers are equipped to design the best possible enclosures for today’s consumer and business electronic users.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Deliver better enclosure designs, faster, with less change cost
  • Capture and reuse past designs and know-how to shorten your production delivery time
  • Improve design and engineering performance
  • Lower design change costs
  • Automate and cost reduce simple engineering tasks


Mold & Tooling Design

Streamline coordination of distributed manufacturing and ensure high quality enclosure part tooling 

Build lean, integrated, easy-to-operate processes from part design to tooling engineering and manufacturing. Feedback from manufacturing engineers is delivered in real time  to design and development engineering to make manufacturing ramp-up faster and less costly. Tooling standardization, design tasks automation and more efficient engineering decision-making are enabled. Companies achieve greater agility when responding to unexpected issues. Corporate engineering assets are expanded by facilitating skills development, securing their capture and reuse throughout projects. HT body’s Mold & Tooling Design solution delivers a flexible and highly-customizable approach to conceptual and detailed tooling engineering.

The quantity, complexity and variety of High Tech products that consumers need or want increase every day. They expect these products to be quickly available, more affordable and highly reliable. HT body’s Mold & Tooling Design ensures their manufacturability as early as possible, provides an efficient and controlled process to make them and allows engineers to react quickly and safely to any change in their definition or in their production environment. More than ever, toolmakers can achieve high productivity, high quality and tight cost control in order to keep a real competitive advantage.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Deliver better enclosure part molds and tooling, faster and with less change cost
  • Capture and reuse past mold and tooling design and know-how to shorten production delivery time
  • Improve part and tooling engineering team collaboration performance
  • Lower mold and tooling design change costs
  • Reduce part to mold & tooling design transfer errors


Product Documentation & Communication

Simplify and clarify manufacturing and service documentation with interactive 3D visualizations of the enclosure design

Simplify and accelerate the development of high-quality documentation. Automate and streamline the transfer of 2D and 3D design and specification information from designers and engineering to technical writers. Enable interactive 3D visualizations to simplify and clarify instructions to the manufacturing floor and service personnel. This solution enables activities such as documentation creation and service system setup to get started faster, be current with latest designs and minimize miscommunication errors and costs.

With the Product Documentation & Communication solution, companies can produce modern product documentation that includes animated 3D assembly instructions, interactive maintenance applications, and accurate product illustrations.  This streamlines the delivery of sales and marketing material and significantly enhances the ability to communicate product information more effectively.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Reduce development concept and specification errors from miscommunication
  • Shorten development cycles by enabling serialized development tasks to be done in parallel
  • Speed and lower cost of documentation development with automation of visualization and specifications creation
  • Improve documentation effectiveness by adding 3D static and dynamic visualizations


Mold Machining

Reduce NC programming time through machining process automation

Provide machine tool operators with efficient programming, simulation and optimization of machining processes through best-in-class tool path programming with machine tool simulation. NC programmers can identify and resolve errors in tool paths earlier and reduce programming lead times. Users gain “Best in class” surface machining quality and collision free tool paths. This includes the latest techniques to cut complex molds in hard material to optimize tool life. Manufacturers gain decreased mold development time/cost and the ability to flexibly accommodate last-minute design changes. Know-how can be captured and reused to shorten set-up time.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Decrease mold development time
  • Maintain control of the end-to-end design and manufacturing process
  • Maintain flexibility to accommodate design changes quickly
  • Re-use manufacturing know-how and intellectual property
  • Support high product variability
  • Maximize machine tool use via up-front workload planning


Plastic Part Injection

Prevent molded part defects and scrap with advanced manufacturing analytics

Automate shop floor data collection in real-time. Enable the analysis of defect data to identify root causes. Capable of assessing large numbers of variables in complex manufacturing processes for patterns that lead to defects. Once preventative actions have been identified, these can be formalized as standard best-practices used by shop floor workers.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Enable faster production scale up while minimizing risk of high volume scrape
  • Reduce or even eliminate defective molded plastic part risk
  • Capture and reuse quality molding best-practices for shop floor workers
  • Shorten time to manufacturing run ramp-up
  • Identify root cause for defect, scrap, rework events to prevent future repeats

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