I. Overview of Software

CADdoctor is the ultimate tool to maximize and accelerate your 3D data. CADdoctor goes beyond CAD translation to provide geometry error detection, healing, simplification, and enhance your data for downstream processing.

Elysium Software products bring unprecedented value to 3D data. Adopted and highly praised worldwide by our customers, our 3D geometry interoperability products enable collaboration among CAD, FEM, CAM, Reverse-Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, and CG modelling, and provide highly reliable data translation and advanced 3D processing features.
Developed in cooperation with the major CAD vendors and proven by the world's leading aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, and defense industries, our subject matter expertise in handling 3D information has achieved unparalleled performance and quality that enhances productivity, streamlines workflows, shortens time to market, recaptures lost engineering time, reduces costs, and improves profitability


II. Overview Software functions

1. DirectTranslator

The DirectTranslator product line from Elysium is the foundation of your data translation and exchange solution. Our long-term strategic relationships with such major CAD vendors as Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, PTC, and Siemens enable you to leverage insider knowledge of proprietary libraries to translate and exchange native CAD files between different CAD systems quickly and accurately. Our cooperation with leading CAD vendors means that you achieve the highest quality native-to-native CAD data translation and exchange. In this way, your Elysium data interoperability capabilities keep pace with the fast-changing world of CAD technology.


2. CADdoctor

CADdoctor is the ultimate desktop application software for 3D data translation, PDQ (Product Data Quality) validation, repair, and transformation.

CADdoctor supports highly precise and reliable data translation among multi-CAD as well as strict PDQ validation. It also provides automated or guided geometry repair functions.

CADdoctor has several different functions offering process specific functions to address 'Geometry Simplification', 'Geometry Verification', 'Polygon Handling', 'Reverse Engineering' and 'Quality Check for Injection Mold Manufacturing'.


3. CADfeature

CADfeature™ gives you the powerful tools you need to quickly and directly remaster CAD files from one system to another and to control the remastering process. An intelligent, native-to-native CAD translator, CADfeature lets you remaster part and assembly histories, parameters, dimensions, sketches, and constraints as well as relationships among features. CADfeature preserves the design intent of legacy and other source CAD files by transferring the full recipe used to define a model's geometry. It even saves you time by identifying problem features in the source file before the translation process starts so that you can take corrective action in the native CAD system preemptively.


4. Intergrated Systems

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