In order to help IT systems of enterprises always work continuously, smoothly and ensure the efficiency of initial system investment, NSV will perform regular, periodic (monthly) checking for the system of network, servers, and clients. We will ensure the customer's system is always operating smoothly and stably. In cases of incident, with all our experience and knowledge, NSV will support immediately to respond, so that the system can recover in the shortest time, with the least impact on the business. 

What is IT Maintenance?

Main Tasks

1) Check and Maintain network and data backup system

2) Support troubleshooting & fixing problem

3) Support to recover IT system in cases of incident

4) Make a management list of IT assets

5) Update or Re-install (authorized) OS, Office & anti-virus software

6) Configure folder permissions and internet permissions list (according to customer's request)

Liên hệ tư vấn

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