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Watch DELMIA CEO Guillaume Vendroux speak about the challenges facing manufacturers as they need to create new categories of solutions for new categories of consumers.

Vehicles as we know them are changing, becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly, with a drastic shift towards electric and autonomous automobiles. However, one thing remains the same: a vehicle, no matter how advanced, will always need tires that will last a long time and provide a safe, comfortable and quiet ride. As more miles are driven, tire engineers must not only keep up with demand for quantity, but increase quality to ensure that the tires can accommodate the extra mileage.

Many of you may not be aware that ENOVIA provides roles (applications) for quality management. Learn how to seamlessly embed quality decisions into every aspect of product development, from ideation to delivery with ENOVIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

How Are Robots Changing Warehousing and Distribution? 

Design, Optimize & Validate your Processes in a collaborative environment:
- Create a multi-scale global production model
- Generate manufacturing Bill of Materials from the process plan
- Define line-balanced, executable routings for complex multi-variant products
- Simulate behavior of manufacturing resources, lines and plants
- Validate product assembly and maintenance feasibility
- Visualize and validate Process Plans in 3D