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A vehicle relies on numerous components and systems to run properly, but one of the most critical systems is the powertrain, which is composed of the engine and all of the components for the transmission of power to the wheel. A well-designed powertrain can improve the efficiency and performance of the vehicle, but it is a challenge for engineers to do this without having a negative impact on vehicle mass or cost.

In other words, what distinguishes Dassault Systèmes from other software companies is that it does not digitize the past; it digitizes the future.

EMP is a short burst of very high energy radiated electromagnetic energy and it can be generated by a nuclear detonation at altitude (known as HEMP) or by weaponized devices specifically designed for the purpose of interfering with electronic equipment, such as the vircator (virtual cathode oscillator) that generates short pulses of high power microwave fields. There are also possible natural sources of EMP such as triggered by coronal mass ejections from the sun.

Being able to break down the differences between AI, machine learning, and deep learning is important because it shows management not only the different tiers and capabilities of AI automation but also the increasing levels of business insights that can be gained from it.

Safran Electronics & Defense needed to modernize its product development processes to support the creation of more complex systems that would strengthen its position in the market, improve customer satisfaction and help it gain competitiveness and agility. Learn how the company is leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.