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Reducing, reusing and repairing to eliminate waste As urban populations grow, cities are faced with complex societal and sustainability challenges. Cities like London and San Francisco are turning to circular economy initiatives to minimize waste and maximize reuse of products and materials.

Autonomous Vehicle of the Future

There is plenty of talk about autonomous vehicles being the future of transportation, but how many people expect to be driving them (or not driving them) during their lifetime? Autonomous vehicle technology can be intimidating to think about – will we really trust our cars to drive themselves?

ANSA EPILYSIS META suite v18.1.5 BETA CAE Systems

Apart from fixes in the detected issues, this version hosts a couple of noteworthy enhancements as well.


Autonomous Vehicles

Simulation software can predict how sensors will be affected by road conditions, and allow engineers to reposition them accordingly while the vehicle’s design is still in the 3D modeling stage.

Innovation Made Easier

Read this white paper and learn how ENOVIA and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps companies drive sustainable innovation.