Tin tức

Most of us are used to flying, and few of us think about the many factors that affect an aircraft’s performance. We spend a few hours in the air, and if we’re lucky we experience a smooth ride with minimal turbulence. However, for the engineers and designers responsible for creating these aircraft an immense amount of work goes into ensuring that these flights are as safe and smooth as possible, with optimal speed and efficiency.

This is another blog post in our SIMULIA Talks series where we talk to SIMULIA employees about current projects they are working on and developments they see in the simulation world. Recently, we asked Subham Sett, VP of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives for SIMULIA, to talk about the history of the battery and how simulation is helping to develop better batteries today.

Designing and building a car for a Formula One racing team is quite different than designing and building an everyday automobile. These cars are subject to faster speeds, obviously, as well as increased stresses. Therefore, a great deal of careful design and thought must go into creating a Formula One car that can perform well on the race track. Many Formula One teams have begun utilizing newer technology to design and build their vehicles, including additive manufacturing, topology optimization, generative design and more.

In this project, Hadass Jessel of Bar-Ilan University and Augmanity Nano, Ltd. looked at how avian nests contain design strengths that can be applied to Additive Manufacturing.

This post was written by Jessica James, Business Process Analyst at Synopsys’ Simpleware Product Group.

New System Vietnam Co., Ltd., UEL Thailand Co., Ltd. and USOL Vietnam Co., Ltd. successfully co-organized CADmeister V13.1 Version Up Seminar in Hanoi 2019 on May 17 (Fri), 2019.