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With the rise in hybrid and electric vehicles, it’s important to consider the behavior and lifespan of the batteries that power these vehicles.  How can we reduce the size of the battery cell without affecting the accuracy? Simulation can help.

A bird strike is classified as a high-velocity soft body impact because the stresses, which are generated in the contact region, are significantly greater than the strength of the bird but lower than the strength of the impacted structure. High deformability of the impactor (bird) causes spreading of the impact load over a certain area of the structure that requires the use of special strain-rate-dependent material models.

Powered by SIMULIA’s best-in-class Lattice-Boltzmann physics, DigitalROCK provides the first reliable, predictive technology for digital pore-scale simulation of relative permeability. The ability to accurately simulate two-phase flow, such as oil and water, through reservoir rock was co-developed and extensively validated with oil and gas industry leaders.

You hear and read a lot about autonomous driving, wireless communication, the introduction of 5G technology, network coverage all over the country and super-fast data transfer. Almost every day you get the latest news dealing with ever-new applications that will provide us with all these technical innovations, including the Internet of Everything (IoE). The question is, how do these systems actually work, and what challenges must development engineers deal with today to achieve the goal of fully automatic driving?

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