CADdoctor is the ultimate tool to maximize and accelerate your 3D data. 

CADdoctor goes beyond CAD translation to provide geometry error detection, healing, simplification, and enhance your data for downstream processing.



3D CAD Translation

  • CADdoctor provides sophisticated 3D translations between multiple CAD formats that goes beyond simple mechanical translations. 
  • CADdoctor can recognize differences between each CAD systems (tolerances, mathematical definition, etc.) and uses this information to produce the highest fidelity translation.

Detecting and Repairing PDQ Errors

  • CADdoctor automatically detects and repairs hidden product data quality (PDQ) errors, which can help alleviate many of these issues and strengthen the shareability of the data.

Geometry Simplification

  • CADdoctor recognizes geometry features and can simplify them automatically. 
  • Designed to simplify models to optimize CAE mesh generation and to remove intellectual property elements for sharing with suppliers, customers, and partners.

Solid Enveloping

  • Often models are too large and complicated to be utilized effectively downstream. CADdoctor’s solid enveloping capabilities can “shrinkwrap” entire assemblies to smaller solid model to reduce file size, remove hidden components and/or protect intellectual property (IP).


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