ENOVIA opens a new range of opportunities for you to successfully deliver transformational product and business innovations that create magical experiences for your customers.



Unite employees, partners, suppliers, customers, consumers and regulators into a framework for sustainable innovation.

  • For product development, ENOVIA includes a comprehensive and robust set of capabilities.  
  • From idea to delivery, ENOVIA’s roles and apps support digital continuity, ensuring products can be holistically defined by including everyone in the value network in the development process.

Enable efficient and secure collaboration through concurrent access to product data and lifecycle management.

  • To protect existing investments, ENOVIA connects file-based CAD applications to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform 
  • Allowing users access to ENOVIA capabilities from within their design environment and to readily share design data across the value network. 
  • The design data is seamlessly revealed in web-based apps for review and inclusion in the product definition.

Easily organize, optimize, access and execute work

  • ENOVIA also connects your business with your product development pipeline to effectively identify market opportunities and develop innovative products and services.  
  • The business application portfolio includes product portfolio management, quality management, requirements management and project and team planning solutions, allowing stakeholders to easily contribute to the common plan in alignment with corporate strategy and standards and to optimize plans in real-time.


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