VERICUT is a product of CGTech, a software company located in USA.

This software has become the industry standard for simulating CNC machining in order to detect errors, potential collisions, or areas of inefficiency.



VERICUT Verification

  • VERICUT can depict multi-axis milling/drilling as well as multi-axis turning and combination mill/turn machining. 
  • It enables you to verify the accuracy and quality of your NC program. 
  • Inefficient motion or programming errors that could potentially ruin a part, damage the fixture, or break the cutting tool can be corrected before the program is run on actual CNC machine tool.

Feed Rate Optimization

  • VERICUT is equipped with NC program optimization capabilities. 
  • Based on initial programmed feed rates, VERICUT automatically determines the optimum safe feed rate for each cut. 
  • Cycle time can be reduced significantly.
  • Optimized feed rates also result in longer cutting tool life, fewer broken cutting tools and scrapped parts.
  • Guarantee better quality parts due to minimized cutter deflection, and a better finish on part surfaces and edges due to constant tool pressure.

CNC Machine Simulation

  • VERICUT shows material removal at the workpiece level but can also simulate entire machine tools as they appear on a shop floor. 
  • Machine Simulation detects collisions and near-misses between all machine tool components such as axis slides, heads, turrets, rotary tables, spindles, tool changers, fixtures, work pieces, cutting tools, and other user-defined objects.
  • An user can set up near-miss zones around the components to check for close calls and detect over-travel errors.


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