JMAG is simulation software for electric device design and development. 

It accurately models the complex electromagnetic phenomena in a wide range of equitment.



Linear Motor:

  • JMAG can be used to model linear electric machines.

Induction heating:

  • JMAG accurately simulates and visualizes the intricate changes inherent in induction heating phenomena. 
  • Eddy current flowing through the surface can be obtained with high accuracy, allowing for the generation of a high-quality skin mesh in a work piece. 
  • Detailed thermal management can be achieved by showing a visualization of the flow of eddy current.

'Power transformer:

  • Large transformers present unique challenges both in design and construction. 
  • JMAG uses a thin shell mesh that can deal with large aspect ratio variations in this type of problem. 
  • Analyzing complex phenomena allows you to create designs you can trust.


  • JMAG can optimize the design of a solenoid to maximize the forece while minimizing the volume. 
  • JMAG can create a high fidelity solenoid model that can be exported to a control/ circuit simulation program. 
  • By using a precise plant model (JMAG_RT model), you can now apply a more realistic excitation to your circuit.


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