Attack Simulator via E-mail - ASE

ASE (Attack Simulator via E-mail) is a software that checks the user's security awareness by sending mock phishing email:

  • Compose and send fake phishing emails and find out who followed the instructions in the email
  • From there, find out users with low awareness of cyber security so that appropriate training will be taken.


Attack Simulator via E-mail - ASE

Personalized email content:

  • You can choose a mock attack email from a wide variety of templates
  • You can also draft a new email tailored for your business.

Mock email address:

  • You can create fake sender email address to your need
  • The delivery time can be set to your request.

Inform staffs after the mock attack:

  • Show a message for staffs for how to avoid being tricked by an attack email after they click on the bait email.

Automatically-generated result:

  • List out all people who clicked or opened a link/attachment on mock attack email at what time.



Re-evaluate awareness of employees. Raise vigilance level of employees.


Develop an appropriate training plan. Develop a procedure in case of attacks.


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