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      Established: December 27th, 2007

      President: Mr. Norichika Arai

      Head office: Lot 3 Lai Xa – Industrial Complex , Kim Chung-Hoai Duc, Hanoi, Vietnam.


Possess the manufacturing essence (so-called Monozukuri) of a competitive large scale “Japanese company” compared to local companies.   − OSCO INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

OSCO INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as OSCO) consistently conducts design, manufacturing and distribution of automatic assembly machines and labor-saving inspection machines in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Currently, OSCO is mainly conducting manufacturing of automatic machines, but also involves itself in manufacturing and distributing mechanical parts and trading to meet clients’ requirements. OSCO’s business lineup is diverse. OSCO’s advantages are the company’s scale (with more than 200 employees), and the manufacturing know-how gained from Japan. Aiming at future business development, we formed a business alliance with Tenryu Seiki Co., Ltd., which established its head office in Nagano Prefecture, and announced automation support to manufacturing companies that are expanding into Asia. We are looking ahead to further business expansion by expanding the services that we can offer.

We have introduced our NSV Infrastructure Security Service into OSCO Co., Ltd. We asked Mr. Norichika Arai, President of OSCO, about his impressions of its use.

What event made you decide to do business with NSV?

It’s because of the factory relocation of OSCO.

Five years ago, we decided to move to the current factory. Then, we chose to review the security management system of the entire factory. At that time, management of information such as client data storage and the drawings created by our engineers was insufficient. We therefore consulted with your company’s President Mr. Kita, who we had known for a long time, about how to store important data. And he proposed “various services for installation support”. That opened up the business opportunity.

What are the NSV services that you have been using in OSCO?

We have been using the following 3 services:

1) Various services for installation support.

2) Annual IT maintenance service.

3) Measures for prevention of information leakage, IT asset management service.

In addition to the above, we are currently considering the installation of anti-malware solutions.

Have there been any changes  after the installation of the above services?

 Yes, there have.  

“Various services for installation support”

Back in those days when we had no basic knowledge about server building, this service triggered us to be aware of the importance of security management. And we feel that we have gained the trust of our clients in “keeping important information under lock and key” more than ever. As a company which has installed adequate security measures, we have been able to achieve differentiation in that we give customers a sense of security that is not found in local companies, and have been awarded various work orders from our business partners.

“Annual IT maintenance service”

A sense of security has evolved because it is no longer necessary to rely on employees for system management. In Vietnam, the rate of employee replacement is high, so it is important to reduce the dependence on employees. It is so reassuring to me that even if system management personnel resign, it will not pose any obstacle to our operations.

“IT asset management”

I think a concept of properly managing important IT assets has emerged in the company. Previously, we had experienced a feeling of difficulty and hardship when managing IT assets during company expansion. Since the installation of the system, we have been able to perform a unified  asset management, and I feel that my previous worries have been relieved.

“Measures for prevention of information leakage”

I feel that this has linked to the deterrence against employees taking information out of the company. Previously, employees sometimes transferred information to their USB or PC through downloading, which made it difficult to manage that information. However, since we initiated measures against information leakage, we have been able to systematically regulate the taking out of confidential data under our control; as a result, those actions were naturally eliminated.

Also, I think a good point is that it’s possible for us to make detailed settings by being able to regulate the taking out of information on a user-by-user basis, such as taking out data or screenshots only.

How were the support and services of NSV?

NSV suggested a reasonable plan tailored to the customers. Therefore, we were able to initiate the measures at our own pace.

Five years ago, when we first started the transaction, the company size was much smaller than it is today, and the budget allocated to security was limited. Among those services, NSV clarified the priority order by suggesting: “Let’s start with this first!” and made a proposal at an affordable level. If NSV had proposed a costly plan from the beginning by saying, “This is also necessary, that is also necessary, etc.”, we would have felt uncomfortable, and might not have made it this far. I was very impressed by your commitment to always be close to us and solve any issues related to costs or system troubles.

Please tell us what you expect from NSV!

We are looking forward to a proposal of a management service that enables access from outside the company but disables taking out of confidential information.

In order to expand our business through an alliance with Tenryu Seiki, in the future we would like to create an environment where engineers can work as “individuals” beyond the boundary of “the company”.

And in that case, the current information management system will need to be updated. On that occasion, we would like to use NSV’s services again.