With more than 18 years of experience in supporting customers to build and deploy IT systems, NSV is proud to be a trusted partner chosen by many companies to accompany in the process of establishing offices and facilities. With our knowledge and experience, NSV will advise and propose the optimal IT system for business, based on the actual needs of each customer. After that, NSV's solidly expert and seasoned engineers will support customers to implement the system, following the agreed plan.

Why Choose NSV?

Main Tasks:

On-site survey

  • Based on the customer's request, our engineers will support to survey related factors on the site, where the system needs to be set up or upgraded, then assess the system status and make proposals for the customer.

Proposal of optimal system

  • Based on the survey results, with our knowledge and experience, NSV will advise and propose an optimal IT system for the customer.

System implementation

  • After agreeing on a suitable plan, NSV's engineers will directly implement the system for the customer.

Liên hệ tư vấn

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