CATIA V5-6 Machining delivers best-in-class products and solutions that enable manufacturing industries to plan, detail, simulate and optimize their machining activities to build better products.



High efficiency in part programming

  • NC machining is a very important part of the manufacturing and aerospace industry in all production technology, especially the geometric shape automotive parts and aerospace industry in the complex, high precision parts.
  • CATIA machining showing the absolute advantage in the processing and manufacturing of CNC machine tools.

Effective change management.

  • This solution set possesses a high level of associativity between product engineering and manufacturing processes and resources (PPR). 
  • Companies can therefore manage concurrent engineering and manufacturing flows better and reduce the length of the design to manufacturing cycle and then saving costs.

High level of automation and standardization

  • By integrating the pervasive knowledgeware capabilities of CATIA V5 (in manufacturing intent and macro storage, for example), NC products allow the capture of skills and reuse of proven manufacturing knowledge and avoid repetition.
  • This also facilitates innovation through shortened test cycles.

Optimized tool paths and reduced machining time

  • CATIA V5 Machining solution can be used as a single system to cover a wide set of integrated applications, from lathe to 5-axis milling. 
  • This allows companies to institute strong, manage able and long-term partnerships with their CATIA CAM supplier.

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