Transportation Mobility

Demand for new vehicle innovation is stronger than ever, as both automotive industry infrastructure, and its core  technologies, evolve simultaneously. Considering intense competition, requirements for global product development, and increasingly complex mechanical & electronic content - are you developing products that are optimized for customer requirements?

High Tech

Attractive enclosure design, faster time to market, improved manufacturing quality and lower manufacturing costs are key benefits of deploying the HT body solution experience. It does this by streamlining collaboration between all product development stakeholders. Unexpected challenges that may undermine a development cycle can be quickly assessed and overcome.

Industrial Equipment

As subcontractors, mechanical power, heating, and refrigeration equipment companies are challenged to provide their contractors with high performance products on time. Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE solutions help subcontractors ensure on-time delivery and end user satisfaction.

Mold & Die

Mold tooling injection designers need to quickly design a tool based on their know-how. In addition, they need to ensure wall thickness uniformity and proper cooling of plastic parts as well as address issues such as shrinkage and mold removal. Product quality depends on mold design accuracy, so they can benefit greatly from a tool that specifically covers these processes.