On 13th June 2014, at University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH), New System Vietnam Co., Ltd. (NSV) cooperated with USTH and Dassault Systemes to organize a Seminar named “PLM with Dassault Systemes Solution” and the Opening Ceremory of PLMCC (PLM Competency Center) in USTH.

  • With PLM solutions from Dassault Systemes, virtual products and systems behave as they would in the physical word, allowing all actors to have immersive, lifecycle experience in 3D and to encourage innovation while ensuring respect of the client’s expectations.

  •  The PLM allows you to virtually design, simulate any kind of behaviour, manufacture, experiment and also collaborate at all levels of the extended enterprise.

The Seminar was very seccessful with more than 100 attendees from French Ambassy, Technical Institutes, Universities and enterpises in the North of Vietnam.

Following are some pictures from the Seminar:

After the Seminar, organization team and guestes visited and had experiences with the innovative solutions of Dassault Systemes at the LAB of PLMCC: