Announcement of the latest release of CAM-TOOL V14.1

The new version of CAM-TOOL which is the CAD/CAM system corresponded to 5-axis machining center for molds & dies:

1. Ribbon Menu

Like in Microsoft® Office products, has been newly adopted in this version, advancing the operational affinity for other Windows applications with new command menus. This improves the system operability with the grouping of relevant commands, contributing to ease of use for the system operators.


2. Fill Surface

Fill Surface command has been added to Surface Plus, making it possible to easily create surfaces which are superior in continuity with adjacent entities, for closed areas surrounded by arcs, curves, surface-contours or so on.


3. Others

Moreover, 39 functions have been enhanced, including improvement of shading (“Curvature Radius/Angle Shading” in gradation of 7 colors: Picture on the left), functional enhancement of "Surface Plus", strengthening and improvement of tool paths for machining, extension of usable cutting-tool shapes, and expansion of “Simulations”/ “Tooling DB”/“Translators”.