Welcome to New System Vietnam Co., Ltd.

New System Vietnam Co., Ltd.(NSV) would like to send you our heartfelt and respectable message below.

NSV was legally established at the end of 2002 as a joint venture company, between Thai and Vietnamese Company, and started its business operation at the beginning of 2003. At present, our main shareholder is New System Service Co., Ltd. (NSS), located in Bangkok, Thailand, who has 85% capital share. Meantime Argo Graphics Inc. located in Tokyo, Japan became one of our shareholders in 2008, whose capital share is 15% as of today.

With more than 16 year experiences in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM market here in Vietnam, we are very pleased to bring our best solution in every private and governmental industrial organization. We are the most remarkable solution provider in Vietnam, to assist our customers for the improvement of their operation and for driving of economic growth, according to the changes of the technical demand. 

We are proud to be the authorized distributor for CATIA, Dassault Systèmes, and the distributor for many other well-known software. Based on our business slogan "Your success - Our Passion", we have been working for our customers successfully so far, therefore we believe we are appreciated by plenty of customers, in terms of after-services and maintenance, in addition to our capability related to the supply of various software. 

Why NSV?

NSV has been providing our customers with our best quality of after-services and maintenance, after the supply of software and hardware, together with the qualified engineers and management ability. NSV has a high-level qualified engineers to cover both application engineering for software and system engineering for hardware. NSV has a close and powerful relationship with software licenser and hardware supplier, such as Dassault Systèmes, Altair Engineering, UEL, Microsoft, HP, Dell. Which means that NSV has a wide range of products and services according to our customer's requirement. NSV can support most of the industrial field, such as Automotive, Industrial equipment, Aerospace, High-Tech and Construction.